Women Overcoming Interviewing Bias

Women Overcoming Interviewing Bias

According to a study on gender bias for entrepreneurs, women receive only 2% of venture funding. What about during job interviews? Could women help direct the questions to show their potential for advancement instead of focusing on how we won’t fail? When we get asked questions we can choose the answer the question in a way that redirects the train of thought to be more promotion oriented rather than prevention to highlight the opportunity for greatness. We can frame the response to be about the personal professional goals and vision. We can ask about milestones towards success.

During a recent casual conversation with a leader in my company, I was asked – How are you going to complete the project by the go live date? Similarly, how are you going to finish on time?  I wasn’t showing signs of risk of missing the deadline, but the way the question was framed at the prevention instead of focus on success is interesting.

How are you going to finish on time?

Biases can come at us during interviewing, networking, and even performance reviews.

As I prepare for growth opportunities as a project manager, I consider what I want people to remember. I want to make a positive impact. I want to lead others to success. I want to organize information to make sense of all the aspects and establish a plan of execution for a project that will have concrete physical results that will be celebrated by many people. I want to grow in responsibilities and size of the projects to establish something inspiring at the center of the happiest place on earth and say, I did that!  We can do better and I have a few ideas on moving this organization forward. If I get asked how will I prevent failure, I will frame my response with how I will achieve success!



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