Developing Grit with Millenials

Developing Grit with Millenials

One strong characteristic of a great leader is their courage and resolve, grit.  To develop grit, many leaders go through challenges and hardships.  Grit can be easily symbolized with the arrow due to it’s height achieved being proportional to the challenges that initially pull it back.  Grit development in the millennial generation is a concern due to amount of coddling that they have experienced through the celebration of mediocrity, such as getting a trophy for participating.  Grit ignites passion and provides motivation.  How can you develop grit?  We all find challenges in our every day life.  If you have not experienced much hardship, you may take for granted the opportunities offered to you and minor challenges can seem tough to overcome.  When I was a hiring manager I told potential newcomers, who were often in the millennial generation, that I wanted to give them a goal without the how-to instructions.  I encourage questions and provide the reasoning behind the goal.  I wanted to see if they can come up with a better way to overcome the challenge compared to the process I had in mind.  I believe that by having them take ownership it helps promote engagement and develop motivation.  It can be frustrating and takes patience, but by regularly monitoring progress and discussing potential paths to the next step, minor achievements can be experienced and growth mindset and a habit of working hard through an extended period of time can be established.  Upon their success, it helps to create a sense of accomplishment.  Motivation over an extended period of time that can include challenges and failures, leads to passion and perseverance of long term goals, grit.  Individuals with grit, can experience high levels of success, view the big picture of organizations, and develop a strategy towards making a positive impact.  As a leader, I try to encourage the development grit to help multiply the potential of the individuals in my teams.  Their success makes an impact on my feeling of success.


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