Magic Happens Here

Magic Happens Here

While walking to my lifeguard stand under an endless blue sky with a slight breeze, one of my favorite songs came on over the speakers, Groovin.  One of the lines in the song says, “I can’t imagine anything that is better.”  The entire park just felt magical at that moment.  It was a feeling of serenity.  At Blizzard Beach and all of Disney, people are having a great time and making memories with their families.  They can be chilling in a slow moving float along Cross Country Creek, or building a sand castle by Melt Away Bay.  We have planned magical moments such as the Ski Captain being chosen to be the first one down Summit Plummet, but there are the unintended magical moments that even as a cast member I get to experience such as a great song on a perfect day.  I feel like every day I get to make an impact on others and I am so grateful for this experience.  I look forward to furthering my career at this amazing company.  I love being a part of the magic at Disney!


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