The Recognition Benefit

The Recognition Benefit

After two weeks of working as a full time lifeguard, I have already been recognized for my efforts by the guests and my colleagues and it makes me feel so great about what I am doing! A guest mentioned how safe they felt when I, following the designated process, covered the water while another lifeguard went to help a potential issue nearby. The process has been established long before me, but I appreciate the recognition. The recognition from the guest was through something called a verbatim and I was told it is going to get flowed up to the general manager. This is great news for me!  This will help me become better known to the leaders and it makes me feel appreciated.

I was also recognized by my colleagues through a program called Four Keys.  There are four focus areas that Disney stands on: Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency.  When a cast member sees a fellow cast member exhibiting these focus areas, they can recognize them by submitting them with a detail of the action to the leadership. I was recognized by a colleague for my efforts in mingling with guests while we had a weather closing.  I enjoy getting to know the guests and I help spread the word on safe places to relax while we wait for lightening to pass overhead.

Overall I am very excited to be recognized for my efforts, especially since the efforts are showing how I am supporting my fellow cast members and the guests focusing on the four keys and creating happiness!


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