Boss Tan Lines

Boss Tan Lines

One of the leaders at Blizzard Beach told me to look at the guests feet. If the guests have very noticeable tan lines, they could be a lifeguard. The leaders at Blizzard Beach seem to have especially significant tan lines. Overall the leaders I have met have been truly helpful at Disney. For most positions, there is a three day learning period that ends with a knowledge assessment. Every day during this learning period I was paired with a different leader and learned some useful bits of information such as common issues and recommendations on resolving them. On my first full day being on my own at Blizzard Beach and I was having a difficult time constantly jumping in to help small kids at the catch pool of a slide with a strong current. One of the leaders, probably hearing my consistent whistles, came by to see what was going on. He did not admonish me, but was completely helpful by suggesting that I perform assists with my rescue tube while maintaining my watch over the water rather than stopping the slides and performing full jumping in rescues since they kids were not drowning, they were just struggling to get out of the current. It’s this kind of helpful and positive leadership that I appreciate.

At Disney, entry level cast members can become leaders as early as one year into their career.  This gives them an opportunity to lead others and learn leadership strategies.  Early leadership lessons are vital in establishing a leadership pipeline for companies.  Not all of the leaders I have come across appear confident in their leadership abilities, but they all do seem to want try to be better.  The open door policy seems to be well received at Disney and there are opportunities to talk with people at a variety of levels.  On my first day of training at Blizzard Beach,  I had the opportunity to talk to one of the managers of the lifeguards.  I let him know my strategy and goal to get into a technical leadership position at Disney.  He sincerely said he would help me get to utilize these open door policies to talk to other leaders about technical leadership at Disney.  I look forward to earning my boss tan lines as I grow at Disney.



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