My First Ears

My First Ears

Understandably, it takes a lot of training to work as a lifeguard for the company striving to be the most admired in the world. So far I have had the following:

  1. Traditions – A full day learning about how all roles at Disney are important and every Cast Member makes an impact to the guests visiting the parks. Also we went over the 4 Keys. This was a very special class where I got my name tag from a very special Disney Cast Member.
  2. Welcome to Operations – Operations is the department that I now work in. This class re-emphasized the 4 keys and goes into detail about how Operations Cast Members make an impact on guest experiences through the 4 keys. Plus there is a quick overview on ergonomics.
  3. Lifeguard License – This is a three day training session that was a little stressful. Apparently a good amount of people fail out of this training. It consists of learning aquatic rescue methods, CPR, rescue breathing, and an overview of first aid. In order to pass, potential lifeguards are expected to perform rescues of pretend distressed guests with an assigned team, pass a written test, and demonstrate CPR techniques for adults, children, and babies.
  4. Forecast Blizzard – Half day overview of the water park where I will be working, lots of cheesy references to ice and snow. It makes me feel like I need to practice phrases like “Ice to meet you.” While the movie Frozen isn’t very integrated into the park yet, I am told it may be coming this Summer!
  5. Welcome to Recreation – Half day overview of the Recreation group within Operations and my introduction to the knowledge warehouse known as the Hub. Recreation is seen as the icing on the cake, the personal touch to the Disney vacation, helping to create those amazing memories and great experiences through guest interaction at the resorts and water parks.

With the exception of the lifeguard license training, these classes have all been facilitated by Disney cast members that are training the class as a side activity for their main Disney role. The lifeguard license training was facilitated by representatives from Ellis and Associates at a Cast Member area called Mickey’s Retreat. One thing that stands out compared to my previous jobs is that everyone LOVES their role. Being around so many positive people is very exciting for me and I look forward to getting more involved!


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