Getting in Disney

Getting in Disney

I have been applying to various positions at The Walt Disney Company for four years. Throughout this time, I applied for positions close to my skills and experience. I had a few interviews, some of them have gone very well, but no offer. Eventually, I secured a new job as a Logistics Engineering Manager for a great defense contractor in Orlando. For this position, I was moved from Chicago and was awarded the opportunity to be closer to family, warm weather, and Disney. For two years, I have been busy growing my skills and network, but haven’t made it in as a Disney Cast Member yet.

So I tried a different tactic, I applied for a front line job as a lifeguard. I have been a lifeguard before, long before, as in while I was in college over a dozen years ago. Within a short period of time, I finally got the invitation to interview! The process consisted of the following:

  1. Online Interview – more like a personality test asking what would I do in various situations.
  2. Face to face quick and simple interview at the Casting Center! The Casting Center is a beautiful building with amazing details featuring Disney characters and scenes from the movies.
  3. Lifeguard test to verify that I can swim at Mickey’s Retreat, a recreation area for cast members and their guests.

Once I passed those three things, I got the job offer to be a lifeguard at Blizzard Beach. With the support of my family, we developed a strategy to keep my career moving forward and I happily accepted the position with Disney.


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