Creating Happiness

Creating Happiness

Hello, I am Jennifer!  I am starting on a journey to get to my dream job.  Last week I quit my very well paying technical leader position at the number one defense contractor to pursue a career with Disney, the company whose main goal is to Create Happiness.  I am obsessed with The Walt Disney Company and have a BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL to be an influential part of this amazing company and help families create amazing memories.

I have tried the normal way of applying to positions that are equivalent to my experience and skills, but I kept getting past over for internal candidates.  Therefore, I am going to be one of those internal candidates.  I am going to become a cast member, do the hard work necessary to learn everything I can to one day be a great leader for The Walt Disney Company.  The first step in my journey at Disney has me going in as an aquatic safety adviser, also known as a lifeguard at Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

The risk is a little high, but I have worked with my family to strategically secure us financially for a limited amount of time, continue my knowledge growth, and to expand my skills.  I am researching going back to school and get my MBA while also working with my boyfriend, Jason, in maturing and launching his mobile web application, a game currently called American Sleuth.  I hope to gain some database management and marketing experience, our first official team meeting is tomorrow!


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